Who we are

Frontiers Rights is a nonpolitical, secular nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of refugees and stateless individuals in Lebanon. Established in 2015 by a group of Lebanese human rights activists, the association's members have been actively working in this field since 1999.

Our Objectives

To promote justice and respect for the human rights and dignity of refugees, migrants, and stateless persons. We provide legal protection and ensure access to administrative justice in both international and domestic institutions. We also advocate for the Lebanese authorities to respect the rule of law and basic human rights. Our work focuses on defending the fundamental rights of marginalized groups in Lebanon, including addressing issues of statelessness, the right to asylum, personal freedom, safety, and protection from forced return (nonrefoulement).

Our Mission

To actively work on alleviating the suffering of marginalized populations in Lebanon. We support them by improving their legal protection, enabling them to have better living conditions and seeking self-fulfillment.

Our Vision

FRH vision is a society where human rights for all are respected, where all individuals are treated equally before the law and have access to their basic fundamental rights without discrimination.

In that regard, it defends

  • Every person’s right to a legal identity and presence
  • Every person’s right to justice without any hindrances
  • Every person’s right to enjoy and practice all of his/her fundamental human rights without any discrimination based on religion, race, nationality, gender, social origin, economic status, political opinion, or any other reason.

Our Team

Board of Directors


Dr. Bashir Osmat

Researcher and Sociology professor, advisor for many international Agencies and Lebanese Ministries.

Vice President

Mr. Pierre Dawalibi

Director and Filmmaker, Executive Producer at the Permanent Secretariat of the World Summit of Nobel Price Laureates.


Dr. Abdo Younes

Attorney at law specializing in nationality and civil registration matters, law professor.


Ms. Mona Ali

Journalist, radio and TV presenter.

We Believe in


We firmly believe in the inherent value and respect every individual deserves.


We passionately believe in the fundamental principle of freedom for all and the opportunity to live without oppression.

Rule of Law

Rule of law is at the core of our values, ensuring fair and just governance where everyone is equal under the law.


We tirelessly work to protect the rights of marginalized individuals, ensuring them an equal and fair treatment under the law regardless of any race, gender, or any other grounds.

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