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Frontiers Rights -FRH- is a Lebanese NGO that works to improve the lives of the most marginalized societies.

Our Programs

Forced Migration

This program is the first of its kind in Lebanon and was launched in 2000. It provides legal assistance…


This program is Lebanon’s first and only comprehensive program on statelessness and it has been operating…

Access to Justice

A leading program committed to achieving accountability for victims of the devastating Beirut Port Blast,…

Community-based Protection

The community-based protection program for stateless persons is dedicated to providing a safe haven…

Capacity Building

Our comprehensive Capacity Building Program is specifically designed for NGOs and groups and is dedicated…


Stateless cases helped






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Our Recent Activities

Conference on Civil Registration Law Proposal: Modernizing Personal Status Records

Conference to launch the “Civil Registration Law Proposal” endorsed…

Empowering Social Workers: Training on Understanding Statelessness

FRH organized 4 training workshops for social workers across…

Community Engagement: Workshops on Stateless Issues Across Lebanon

FRH organized seven workshops in the districts of Zahle (Bekaa…

Empowering Midwives: Training for Understanding Statelessness and Civil Registration

FRH organized a training session for midwives in collaboration…

Training Session for Tripoli Bar Association Lawyers : Addressing Statelessness

FRH conducted a training session on statelessness for lawyers…

Workshops on Civil Registration Law Proposal : Engaging Stakeholders

FRH orchestrated four workshops focusing on the proposed Civil…

Academia Workshop: on Statelessness with Scholars

On September 29, 2023, FRH organized a workshop with a small…

FRH's 2023 Migration Project: Empowering Migrant Workers

In 2023, FRH launched a new program specifically focused on…

Field Visit to Bekaa: Exploration of the Bekaa Stateless Community

FRH conducted a three-day visit to Bekaa to become familiar…

Community Awareness Sessions for Hay El Gharbi in Sabra: Addressing Statelessness

Thirty-four stateless individuals participated in two awareness…

Monitoring and Evaluation Focus Groups: Insights into Program Effectiveness

In 2023, FRH conducted five focus groups across various regions…

Working Group on Statelessness: Ensuring Access to Formal Employment

In 2023, FRH organized four meetings for the Working Group on…

I thank the association and the whole team for following up with me moment by moment and they did not fail in anything."

Nour-Hoda Nasser

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Frontiers Rights is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering local communities and improving their quality of life.

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